João Franco

Graphic Designer


I’m a graphic designer based in Lisbon, Portugal.

Currently open to work. Previously studied at ETIC, BA (Hons) Graphic Design where I developed projects in several areas of design, branding, editorial design, and some communication pieces.    

My Work


D&AD Grey Poupon - Párdon My French

Update the Grey Poupon brand to reflect today's luxury through its French roots so that it looks familiar to the American public to encourage them

to choose the brand at the point of purchase.

PPP Project - 3 types of pollution

Art and design have quite an impact important on our daily health and well-being. Based on this theme, the PPP team decided to talk about three types of pollution that are not as known in society, such as Digital Pollution, Sound and Luminous.

Final Degree Show 2021 Festival

Final Degree Show 2021 is a festival created with the aim of inviting Graphic Design students to see various student works and projects.

Monstra Festival 

Rebranding of the identity of the 20th edition of Festival Monstra. An octopus was made to be the "monster" of the edition. Several graphic pieces were made that can be seen in the images above.

TRASH Project

Trash. Such a small word, but one that is having a huge impact on our world. This project is intended to alert people about the impacts that garbage has on our lives.

Fast Food Harms

Fast Food Harms is a campaign with the objective of informing with brief the harms of fast food, whether in the short or long term.

Healthy Fast Food Book

Eating at a fast food restaurant doesn't have to go against all the principles of good eating habits, as many tend to think and generalize. Healthy book is a book that allows you to alert and advise the customer, thus recommending several healthy fast food restaurants in the greater Lisbon area.

LinkedIn Comp-ort

A proposal for report design to the LinkedIn platform that aims to act against discriminatory acts by companies in job advertisements.

Partners - Intern Designer Projects