João Franco

Graphic Designer 


I’m a graphic designer based in Lisbon, Portugal.

Currently studying Graphic Design at ETIC faculty in Lisbon, where I have been developing projects in several areas of design, Branding, Editorial Design and Communication Pieces.

My Work


Grey Poupon - Párdôn My French

Update the Grey Poupon brand to reflect today's luxury through its French roots so that it looks familiar to the American public to encourage them

to choose the brand at the point of purchase.

PPP Project

Art and design have quite an impact important on our daily health and well-being. Based on this theme, the PPP team decided to talk about three types of pollution that are not as known society, such as Digital Pollution, Sound and Luminous, but that need to be highlighted for various solutions to emerge or even awareness campaigns aimed at reducing this problem that affects the whole society. 

Monstra Festival - Branding

The re-branding of the Monstra Festival identity where an octopus was made to be the "monster" of the brand. Several graphic pieces were made which can be seen in the images above.